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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My order came in today from

Art Impressions (AI). I was doing the happy dance.  For about an hour I was busy doing the behind the scenes things.  I checked to see if anything was missing from the order.  I separated the items I have orders for.  Then I put price labels on everything, double checking to make sure the prices are right.  The packaging on the stamps are bright and clear as to what is inside each package.  Oh, and I pulled my own items out of course.  I am planning on taking everything over to A UNIQUE HOUSE tomorrow to set up a display.  AI also included some advertising posters showing some of the new items.  I did get a chance to go thru the catalog that was in my order.  WOW, what a lot of neat stamps.  Of course that made me start an other order to AI. 

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