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I will be posting tips from time to time.  Most will be craft oriented but some will be helpful with life in general. 
  1.  Over the years I have saved lots of clear plastic boxes, such as the ones from SU.  Doing my yearly January organizing I decided to use some of these boxes to organize.  When the phone rings I like to keep my hands busy.  That is what SPEAKER phone is for, isn't it?  My favorite card to make is a Stair Step or a Side Step card.  These take lots of images that have to be cut out.  So I am sorting thru my images that I have cut and putting "like ones" into these boxes.  I stamp a lot of these images but also cut them out from decorative paper stacks. 
    My favorite scissors to use to cut these are my Fiskar's 6" spring loaded ones.  They are sharp and get into corners easily.  One trick that I learned a long time ago is to turn your paper instead of your scissors.  It just takes a little practice and you will be very happy with the results. 
3.  It you want a little dimension to your layers think about using a dot or line of hot glue.  It also creates less bulk when mailing  a layered card.

4. The year is just starting so now is the time to start making your Christmas cards for next year.  I make about 90 cards to send out.  So divide 12 (months) into 90 so it looks like I need to make a bout 8 a month.  I put on my calendar (yahoo calendar works for me as it gives me a reminder) on the 25th (for Christmas but any date will work) to make 8 cards.  Of course I know this date every month, so I start earlier most months.  I love making cards when I have the time, not when I am rushed.  It would be a chore to make so many cards if I waited until fall to make them.  This way I can make each one and enjoy it.  It is my hobby so I get to do what I really like doing every month.  Sometimes I make more than 8 some months I make less but it all evens out.  Oh, I do not make everyone the same card.  Each one is different to some degree.  Most cards I made for 2010 were water colored images stamped from Art Impressions (  I like using vinyl stickers from Jerry ( on them also.
5. Do you have trouble figuring out how much of a tip to leave while out dining?  Find out what the tax is in the state you are in.  Ours is 6% in Maryland.  When the bill comes I just look at the tax amount.  And double it for OK service or triple it for outstanding service.  Or there a bouts.