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Friday, January 20, 2012

Martha Stewart's Stamp around the Page set

       A friend gave me this neat gift for Christmas.  We just got together yesterday and exchanged gifts.  I will say your measurements have to be really good both in cutting and lining up your stamps.  But it sure gives a WOW factor.  I am using it to make cards but doing it on a 12 x 12 scrapbook page would be terrific.  You have to work in 2" increments starting at 4".  So it can be square or rectangular.  6x6" or 6x8", etc.  These are some examples that I have played around with so far.  The first image shows combining two stamps to make one pretty card layer. If you look closely at the brown design you will see that it didn't match up exactly.  This is where I might have not cut perfectly.  I say this because it is only on the lower side. 
       You stamp with the corner stamps first on all 4 corners.  Then exchange stamps for the matching border one.  Line up the corner designs on the template and stamp the border in between.  The directions are very good you just need to do it once or twice to get the hang of it.  Now I can't wait to put something in the center of these and see how they make into a card.