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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My order came in today from

Art Impressions (AI). I was doing the happy dance.  For about an hour I was busy doing the behind the scenes things.  I checked to see if anything was missing from the order.  I separated the items I have orders for.  Then I put price labels on everything, double checking to make sure the prices are right.  The packaging on the stamps are bright and clear as to what is inside each package.  Oh, and I pulled my own items out of course.  I am planning on taking everything over to A UNIQUE HOUSE tomorrow to set up a display.  AI also included some advertising posters showing some of the new items.  I did get a chance to go thru the catalog that was in my order.  WOW, what a lot of neat stamps.  Of course that made me start an other order to AI. 

Friday, November 12, 2010

Getting things ready for a sale tomorrow at A UNIQUE HOUSE, King George, VA

I finished the dollhouse I have been working on.  It is a small 4 room house that I did up thinking a little girl would love it.  Of course it is PINK.  I stained all the floors and scored them to look like hard wood floors.  I wallpapered all the walls in various patterns of doll house wallpapers.  The outside is pink with white trim.  It looks so pretty.  I priced and put into clear sleeves a lot of cards that I have been making.  I wish I had a Christmasy box for them to sit in but for now a clear shoe box will have to do.  The most amazing thing I have been working on and finished is a Christmas living room scene.  It is on a board with no walls.  I put a spiral staircase as the focal point.  I stained the staircase and cut white card stock for the risers.  Very striking with a white Christmas tree under the staircase.  Next to it is a fireplace with a Christmas mantel swag on the front.  There are boxes of toys and wrapped presents under the tree, too.  A rocking chair sits off to the side with a teddy bear on the seat and cloth folded across the back that looks like a quilt.  If you peek behind the tree and stairs you see a rocking horse waiting for a child to come down on Christmas morning.  I had too much fun putting the scene all together. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I loss a very dear friend today.

 from pancreatic cancer.  My heart goes out to her family.  We will all miss her very much. She and I would craft when we got together.  She loved creating as much as I do.  I have been working on a doll house today to sell.  It looks great.  Now I am starting a Christmas scene in miniature.  I glued a circular staircase to a base and am decorating a fireplace with a mantle swag and center piece.  There is a Christmas tree and presents around it.  I made a Christmas shopping bag and filled it with shopping items.  Both of these things will go on sale at A UNIQUE HOUSE, King George, VA next week.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cricut Expression

My husband surprised me with the Cricut Expression 2 years ago for Christmas. What a wonderful gift for any one.  I use it almost daily.  My grand-daughter has used it for school projects.  I use it mostly for card making but also have used it for cutting vinyl for advertising on hubby's race car.

I put a link for A Unique House

This is where I will have my stamps and supplies for sale.  Right now I have a lot of doll house items and handmade things for sale.  A Unique House is an antique and crafters mall right on Route 301 in King George, VA.  It just opened in February and is going gang busters.  If you get a chance please stop by.  There are around 100 booths with various vendors.  There is even a Christmas shop inside.  Open 7 days a week, too. 

I am sharing some of the stamps and project books ....

for the water-coloring technique that I love so much.  I will get a price list up very soon for you.  Check on the right side of the home page.  I also uploaded some more cards that I have made using the watercolor technique with these stamps.  I hope you like them.  I need to work on some more Christmas cards.   How many more days?????

This is what I am so excited about....

I stamped and water colored this door.  I stamped the vine and flowers with Marvy Markers, not Copic markers.  With color from a Marvy Marker, I water colored the "wall" around the door, also.  All you need is some water, a #3 round water color paint brush, water color paper and your markers.  The Art Impressions stamps that I sell work so well with this technique, as each stamp is individual.  You do the art work by placing each stamp where you would like it.  There are no Copic markers used here, but you  can obtain the same blended looks without the cost.

Arch Christmas Card front using water color technique from Art Impressions

For this card I stamped the arch(Art Impressions) using Sepia Marvy Marker.  Using a round #3 paint brush I lightly pulled the color from the stamped image.  Using a vine I stamped on top of the arch.  For the leaves "peeking" around from the back, I masked the arch with a Post-It, covering the arch, then stamped the vine.  Remove the mask and your vine with appear as though it went around the arch.  Again, using the paint brush, pull the color from the vine with a bit of water on your brush.  Avoid getting too much water on your brush.  I stamped two trees, pulled the color from them before stamping the cardinal in the foreground.  I mounted the water color card front onto red card stock after corner punching all four corners.  I hope you like it.

I am so excited to become an Art Impressions vendor

Have you every found something that you love and didn't even know you were looking for it? That is how I felt when I found Art Impressions water color technique. Using Art Impressions rubber stamps, Mary Markers, water and a paint brush you can create beautiful water color images. It is soooo easy. Let me show you how.....