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Thursday, May 10, 2012

I have been stamping and cutting out a lot of images for my cards.  I use them either for STAIR STEP CARDS or PAPER PIECING.  I tried stamping on sticker paper just now and like the idea.  Once I cut out the image the backing is already sticky so I only have to stick it onto my card.  YEAH!

I just got some new stamps in from Art Impressions and of course I have to try them out.  I am taking a large sheet of Bristol Board paper (art section of AC Moore's) and stamping as many as I can get onto one sheet.  Then I can color them with my watercolor pencils while I am on the phone or "watching" tv.  I will use a damp #3 watercolor paint brush later.  Since I am not using very much water the Bristol Board paper doesn't warp or buckle.  The Bristol Board paper is very smooth unlike watercolor paper so it stamps nicely. 
The above image is one sheet of stamps.  Sorry  the scan didn't do them justice.  I will watercolor these before I cut them out.  Then I will use them on cards.  I have some stockings to hang on the fireplace for a Christmas card.  I stamped them on decorative paper and cut them out.  The stocking stamp (3 stockings) is also from Art Impressions.

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